15 October 2015
 October 15, 2015

Car Rental Service Green Road is happy to greet you in Georgia!

Georgia is a small counrty, yet it is an amazingly beautiful land with diverse landscapes, where each tourist will spend vacation to their liking. Georgian land is gifted with a great many places with charming landscapes, diverse plant and animal life. A holiday in Georgia will suit even an experienced traveler. Holidays at the seaside in Batumi and other resorts; journeys on foot and climbing; ski resorts; piligrimage tours; gastronomy and wine tours (enotourism); guided tours along historic places - one can have vacation in Georgia all year round. The locals are very hospitable, they love Georgia and take good care of the unique sites and places that were gifted to Georgia by the nature and previous generations. Before you go to Georgia, it is important to think of renting a car.

Car rental service Green Road will assist you with travelling in Georgia with comfort and choosing your own route. We are happy to offer you rental cars for travels in Georgia on your own or with a personal driver.

Car rental in Georgia is an exceptionally useful service in this region, which will help you visit the places you are interested in, and even get closer acquainted with the country's culture and its distinctiveness.

Each our car was picked according to the following criteria: brand reliability and perfect technical state. Additionally, terrain features of Georgian roads were taken into account when choosing a car. All of our cars are picked for very specific reasons. We have only reliable cars - this is our motto. All our cars are insured with KASKO. You can book a car via our email mail@greenroad-rent.com or by calling us to one of our offices using one of the following phone numbers: +7(985)350-51-70 for English-speaking clients and +(995) 568-90-18-29 or +(995) 599-78-45-72 for Russian- or Georgian-speaking clients.. Our employees will answer any of your questions and assist you with choosing a car.

We can take care of our customers' health and security, because we are experienced, passionate about what we do, and have lots of resources.

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