Green Road Car Rental Service Is Happy To Greet You In Georgia!

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Green Road offers a flexible discount system and 'recent' cars that are kept clean and neat, equipped with GPS navigators and are smoking-free. Approach to each our client is individualized and custom-tailored to suit your specific needs. Read more»
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Each car is insured with 'KASKO' insurance scheme, third party liability car insurance included. We take children safety serious and offer child safety seats free of charge. Read more»
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We do not charge for car delivery and return to and from the Kutaisi airport. Neither do we charge for mileage - we do not establish a limit, so you can drive as much as you can. Additionally, we offer guide/driver services with a non-smoking driver. Read more»

Our Head Office Is Open In Kutaisi And We Are Happy To Offer You Our Service!

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Green Road Car Rental Will Make Your Georgia Adventure Comfortable and Memorable!

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Green Road Car Rental Service Is Happy To Greet You In Georgia!

Прокат авто «GREEN ROAD» сделает путешествие в Грузии комфортным и незабываемым. Наше представительство открыто в Кутаиси и мы рады предложить вам свои услуги!

Why Green Road? We try harder - here are some our advantages that are exclusive to our car rental:

• You do not have to pay extra fees for delivery of a car to the Kutaisi airport when you arrive and from the airport when you leave, we will take care of it for you, free of charge.

• Our autos are all recent and in excellent technical state, kept clean in garage indoor storage, since our two main priorities are technical reliability of our every car and your safety and comfort.

• When you rent a car from us, you do not need to worry about insurance for cars or yourself: each car is protected with a special 'KASKO' insurance, while you yourself are protected with third party liability insurance.

• Children safety is our another top priority. We offer child safety seats FREE OF CHARGE. Our company is strongly against saving money at the expense of safety.

• Each our car is already equipped with GPS navigators with latest maps installed, all offered FOR FREE.

• You will not need to pay extra for extra mileage, since we simply do not set any mileage limits.

• You can order or book an auto by phone. Booking cancellation is free right now and before the peak season.

• We offer mobile phones with local SIM-card free of charge if, for example, you would like to contact us in case of emergency.

• Вы можете воспользоваться функцией аренды машины в Грузии с водителем-гидом, без вредных привычек.

Девиз аренды автомобилей «GREEN ROAD» в Грузии – у нас только достойные автомобили! Мы против курения в машине! Салоны автомобилей чистые и без запаха.

Renting an offroader or a sedan car with us is cost-efficient! We developed a flexible discount system and a customer-centred approach, which we apply to each of our clients.

Забронировать автомобиль вы можете, связавшись с нами по электронной почте mail@greenroad или позвонив в один из наших офисов по телефонам: +(995)568 90 18 29, +(995)599 78 45 72, +7(985)350 51 70 (для англоязычных клиентов). Наши сотрудники ответят на интересующие вопросы и помогут с выбором автомобиля.

Прокат машин «GREEN ROAD» обеспечит ваш отдых в Грузии безопасностью и комфортом!