Terms And Conditions Of Use Of 'GREEN ROAD' Car Rental Services


1) Driver license, which has both you first and last names written in Latin letters
– minimum driver age is 21
2) B driving licence, which has both you first and last names written in Latin letters
– minimum driving experience is 2 years
3) For clients from countries that have no B driving licence or do not write names in Latin letters, it is important to have an international driving permit in addition to local driving licence.
4) Requisite amount for service payment, as well as for deposit
- payment is made in national currency of Georgia, Georgian Lari, at the exchange rate of the National Bank of Georgia which is prevailing at the date of payment


1) The car is delivered and accepted in accordance to the delivery and acceptance certificate, which is signed by a company employee and a customer. All car damage is documented in the certificate.
2) Keys transfer is permormed in the company's office after the original documents, as well as the copies of the documents of the renter driver are presented, rental contract is signed, deposit (franchise) and all provided services are paid. Please note: in case of car deliveries to the airport all documents and document copies should be prepared and ready in advance, after conversation with us.
3) Delivery and acceptance of cars at the company office in Kutaisi is performed in working days from 8:00 to 20:00. Delivery and acceptance of cars during nonworking hours or on holidays and weekends is carried out only if arranged beforehand via the phone numbers presented on the website.


1) Rent time is calculated by 24-four hour periods starting from the moment the car is assigned for use, i.e. 24 hours and an hour of delay on the day of return. If the renter has used the car for a period that is longer than specified, the next 24-hour period is paid.
Daily mileage for a car is unlimited.
2) KASKO insurance is included in the payment.
With KASKO, the cars are insured in any kind of road situations and your health is insured in case of road traffic accidents. This is also why you should never leave the scene of a traffic accident and always contact the insurance company via its hotline.
3) Each car is equipped with a GPS navigator, which is provided free of charge.
4) IMPORTANT: We also provide our client with mobile phones and SIM-cards, which can be used to contact us, technical service or insurance company hotline (phone humbers are in the mobile phone's address book).
5) Дополнительная плата за аренду ДЕТСКИХ КРЕСЕЛ не взимается.


1) Rental cost does not include:
fuel price during rental period,
parking expenses,
loss of documents, keys, extra equipment,
possible fines for reckless driving or road traffic offence, as well as car wash at the end of rental period.


1) Renter driver must abide by the terms of the rental agreement, ensure safety of the car and additional rented equipment during the rental period.
2) Handover of the car to third parties not enlisted on the rental contract is forbidden. The car in this case is not insured.
3) Using the rental car to go out of the country, including Abkhazia and South Ossetia, is forbidden. Renter driver must provide the location of rental car upon request. In cases when it is detected that the rental car was used to cross the State Border of Georgia, the car is seized and returned with no refund of deposit (franchise).
4) The renter must not use the car for purposes that we deem inappropriate for our rental service: transportation of goods, hazardous materials and banned substances, towage of other cars;
it is not allowed to drive off general use roads or in places where driving is not restricted by traffic signs.
cars can not be used to cross rivers, streams or traverse other water obstacles (to avoid hydraulic impact!)
5) Водителю запрещается управлять автомобилем в состоянии алкогольного или наркотического опьянения.
6) The driver must obey traffic regulations; renter driver is responsible for their passengers safety, as well as safety of other road users.
7) The driver should return the rented car on time and in undamaged and clean condition (after car wash) or pay for car wash.


1) Green Road Car Rental must respect the terms of the signed contract on time and to the full extent.
2) Green Road is obliged to provide the car to the renter in good working order and clean condition, and to ensure technical support over the rental period.
3) Green Road is obliged to return the deposite (franchise) to the driver in full amount, once the car acceptance act is signed and it is established that no violations of terms and conditions occured.
4) Green Raod employees are obliged to provide full information to the driver about car rental, additonal services, and brief the driver about special considerations and particularities of driving on Georgian roads.
We will answer all your questions concerning your stay in Georgia. We wish you a comfortable stay. Please be careful on the roads, obey traffic regulations, take care of our propery and your health.
In case you would like to rent a car, but you are not sure about driving on the Georgian road by yourself, there is an option of CAR RENTAL WITH A DRIVER.